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Affordable, High Quality

4K Music Video Production


Brannu Studios specializes in music video production. Whether you are a seasoned vet or a local artist, Brannu Studios offers something for everybody. I am committed to producing high quality music videos for an affordable price.

Simply check out the music video section, choose a package then schedule a shoot! After the initial conversation (or meeting) you will be sure you made the right choice. I will arrange a shoot date and a music video treatment will be created detailing every aspect of the shoot for your approval.

It’s that simple. Let’s make it happen!




What makes Brannu Studios different from other production companies?

1. I started out as an artist so I see things from the artists perspective; the whole music lifestyle – I live it!

2. I’m not in it to get rich. Although I do hope to get famous, my passion is creating music video. I strive to do my best on each video regardless of cost.

3. Unlike other companies that shoot everything from weddings to business seminars. I only shoot music videos and music-related promo videos.

4. Although I can not yet afford state of the art equipment like big companies, I can turn a small budget into a huge production. My videos look as if they cost 3x what you pay for! Plus I now shoot in 4k!

5. My personality. I am the most hard-working, easy going person that you’ll ever work with. I don’t believe in making excuses, I simply make it happen!










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